~*~*~ People whose work inspires me ~*~*~

    Bret Victor

    Let's say there's a magic genie with the power to copy the entire collection of knowledge and skills in someone's brain and upload it into a different person. If that genie gave me the choice to receive a brain upload from *one* single person, I would choose Bret Victor.

    Nicky Case

    The only person I'm currently supporting on Patreon! Nicky's explorable explanations teach interesting subjects in the most engaging and interactive way. The Evolution of Trust or Neurotic Neurons might be a good place to start, but you can't go wrong with anything on her site.

    Tim Urban

    (No, not Keith Urban). I love the way he writes. His metaphors are excellent. His articles always make me think about life from a new perspective. This one will really make you appreciate your time left on this planet.